Back to Life

So...hello. Long time no speak!

It's kind of awkward to start a blog post when you haven't written anything for six months as it's hard to know where to begin, so I'm just going to plough on into it and see where we go.

I've made a tentative resolution to myself that I should start posting again at least once a week. I miss recording our life and it has showed in the last year; I find it so hard to remember anything we have done or achieved. Our girls are another year older and I have been awful at recording their milestones!

My break from blogging has been mainly due to one factor: I've been growing another human!

We found out I was expecting again just before Christmas and I spent the first three months of 2017 hibernating due to suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme morning sickness). You might remember that I posted before about my health struggles in my pregnancy with Alys, but even though I knew what to expect the realities of being so poorly with two children to look after really knocked us for six.
We also had our share of winter bugs go through the family, including a bout of flu for everyone during which I don't think I have ever felt more ill.
It's surprising how quickly your recollections of difficult times fade once they are over but wow...it was a tough few months physically, mentally and spiritually.

It took me until about 18 weeks pregnant to stop feeling sick every waking moment and until 22 weeks pregnant until I could say I felt back to my normal(ish) self - I'm now 25 weeks.

It's such a relief to feel like we're back on an even keel and have life back under control. Even small things like packing a lunch bag and doing the school run were beyond me for weeks (I couldn't even go into the kitchen without being violently sick) so you can imagine the impact it had on family life.

We're so excited to welcome a new member of the family in August...and it's going to be another GIRL!

I think a lot of people expect us to have wanted a boy but I'm quite happy we're having another girl, plus it saves us having to buy any clothes!

One up-side of being so poorly was that all I could manage to do with the kids were quiet activities from my bed. We must have read a million books and filled some colouring books. It's given me a new appreciation of just being with the kids and enjoying them without becoming distracted and stressed by having a million and one chores to do.
I'm intentionally trying not to take back some of the responsibilities that I had before so that I can be more focussed on our home life; I'm loving the simplicity of it!

So that's a bit of an update on our lives. I hope to share more soon. Much love x


  1. Congratulations, Rachel! So exciting! Glad you are finally feeling better!

  2. Yey! So glad you are back to your normal(ish) self. But even more yeys for the next baby! So exciting!

  3. Welcome back! I've missed your posts and I'm glad to see everyone well. (I've been following your ever since I discovered it on Pinterest two years ago.) Congratulations on the new baby. It's lovely to read about your kids.