At the end of September my beautiful girl turned four!

Josh had to be away on a conference for Ivy's birthday, but we celebrated by going to Folly Farm the day before and I tried to make her actual birthday as fun as possible. We went out to lunch after school and played with all her new toys and ate way too much cake :)

Ivy has never really asked for any present before this year, and she only wanted one thing; a watch. She was so excited to receive a pink Peppa Pig watch...which prompt broke later that day - ooops! She's now got a better pink upgrade which she loves!

A few days later we continued the celebrations with a party. Ivy has been saying she wants a Bloody Nosed Beetle cake for her birthday for about sixth months. Completely normal right?!?!? Do you remember last year when I had to make a ridiculous camel cake, well this was stretching my baking competence to new levels. I decided to make it an insect themed party and bought some friendly insects to put on her cake! (SOOO much easier!).
She also had a Frozen bouncy castle so basically she was in heaven. Bloody Nosed Beetles and Frozen...her life was complete!!

At four Ivy:

// is a bright, curious, hilarious and stubborn little girl. She knows what she wants and she never stops talking!

// is doing so well in pre-school and can now recognise letters and write and read simple words. Her vocabulary is amazing!

// still loves fish and chips! She is still pretty fussy with food but has improved...she even likes peas now so miracles do happen.

// loves to play in dens, have books read to her, practice her writing and go to the park or a cafĂ©! Her favourite things to watch are Frozen, Peppa Pig and Topsy and Tim (which is a bad influence - she's constantly telling me she needs glasses, or she has nits, or her tummy hurts so she must have appendicitis!)

// loves talking about God! She has a million questions that I sometimes don't know how to answer and loves to pray for people. The other day I said I had a headache and she came straight up to me, lay a hand on my head and prayed it would go. My heart melted! I think she actually likes it if I have ailments just so she can pray, ha!

// is so caring of her sister and they (mostly) play really well together. They are definitely a duo! She's still a very sociable child and would rather play with people than toys, although she is more shy of strangers nowadays.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

See Ivy at ONE, TWO and THREE

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