The Isle of Mull

At the end of May we took a break to the Lake District to see family and then headed off on the long journey to the Isle of Mull for a week. Blogging has been on the back burner recently but I couldn't miss the opportunity to record some memories and photos from our holiday because Mull was amazing.

We stayed in a little cottage four miles from the nearest main road which overlooked Carsaig Bay in the south of the island (the little white cottage in the photo below). We had no internet, phone signal or TV so it was a wonderful opportunity to truly get away from it all and spend time together as a family...which was much needed after several months of busyness and illness. It was gloriously isolated and we could spot otters, seals, eagles and deer from the front door.

Mull is so beautiful and there is wildlife everywhere if you know where to look. I did plenty of research before we left and thanks to TripAdvisor found several stunning (and deserted) white sandy beaches to spend our afternoons on.

The girls were great and coped pretty well with us dragging them around on long walks, getting them up at silly-o'clock to go otter spotting and staying up past bedtime to watch short eared owls hunting. (Although, in the name of keeping it real a few moments after this idyllic looking photo was taken both girls were screaming their heads off and I was despairing of ever having a relaxing holiday again...so you know - not always perfect!).

I would have loved to stay for longer on Mull (read: forever) and we'll definitely be trying to make a return journey to this beautifully wild island in the future.

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