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Back in 2013, just after I became a full time housewife and mother, I created my Home Management Folder. It was a place to keep all my lists, plans, spare bits of paper and basically helped me organise our whole life.

Since then it has been gradually evolving and growing along with our family. Different seasons in life require different organisational strategies as routines change and busyness levels fluctuate. It is so important to find something that works for you rather than trying to fit in with some organisational regime; it is meant to make life simpler not more complicated!

Over the last year or so I haven't been using the planner/diary part of my folder much because days with a full time toddler didn't allow much structure or pre-planning. However, now that Ivy has started at school each morning and we have a set routine again I have found myself craving something to help me organise my days.

With only a couple of hours free in the mornings I didn't want to waste time each day trying to collate information from my wall calendar, menu planner and huge overwhelming to-do list; I needed something that would have all the information I needed for each day at a glance so I could just get on with the tasks at hand. My current planner just wasn't quite working for me so I changed it up to meet my needs!

Meet my new Weekly Planner Printable:

This double sided printable normally sits at the front of my Home management folder or on my fridge.

// At the start of the week I note down my schedule in the diary section so that I can see how busy we are, any events that need to be anticipated and how much time I will have to complete chores and tasks. I then plan our meals and fill them in for each day.

// Once I know how much time I will have each day I can flip over to the weekly goals section. I find that choosing a selection of tasks from my master to-do list to achieve each week feels a lot more manageable and allows me to prioritise better. I normally list them under different headings of home, church and random.

// If there are things I need to do on a particular day I'll add them to the daily to-do list so I can see at a glance what needs to be done.

I have been really pleased with how this printable is working out so far and have noticed an increase in my productivity.

If you would like to download this printable click HERE.
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