4 & 5/52

4/52: We visited Tenby this week and Ivy enjoyed exploring the beach and drinking way too many hot chocolates (they were SO good!)

4/52: Alys and I enjoyed a rare afternoon alone together as we watched Ivy, Josh and friends swimming in the Blue Lagoon. It was so hot we (I) pretended that we were by the beach somewhere exotic and Alys was entranced by everyone in the water. In this photo we are watching her big sister attempt that huge inflatable in the background - we never thought she'd do it but she went on it twice!

5/52: Days off with this little explorer normally include lots of climbing, jumping and very muddy clothes. This all weather suit has been invaluable this winter!

5/52: The weather at the start of this week was horrendous and my energy levels were seriously flagging after many sleepless nights so family snuggles under new soft sheets were the order of the day. I love seeing my girls together. Alys is never happier than when she's with her big sister.

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  1. Muddy clothes is sign of a great day! Cute #mywildones

  2. Absolutely love the photo of them in bed together, looks like they have a lovely bond. We stayed at Bluestone last January and went to South Beach in hail storms, fun times haha xx #MyWildOnes

  3. Awww... Gorgeous pictures of you all savouring the season! Love that little red muddy suit! Thanks so much for joining in! #savouringtheseason

  4. That last picture is so so beautiful! You should get it printed :) xx

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  5. It looks like you've been having plenty of adventures - good wet weather gear really is invaluable at the moment isn't it? #mywildones