2015 in Review

It is too simplistic to describe 2015 as either a 'good' or 'bad' year. In fact, whenever I have been pondering on it the only description I come back to is that it was a year in which we lived to the full. 2014 passed by in a blur in which little was achieved, but this year has been busy and full and productive. We have experienced great highs and incredible lows, but that has only lent to the feeling that we've learnt and grown and experienced life in all its fullness.

I started off the year feeling a bit run-down from months of pregnancy sickness, and this continued throughout January (in hindsight I was anaemic). I don't remember much from this month except that it seemed to stretch on, although we did manage a few days out together. Towards the end of the month I began attending some more local groups in an attempt to settle in and find some friends.

We were a bit busier in this month with various groups and appointments - I began to feel more like myself and was able to play with Ivy more. Ivy moved into a proper bed. We had some friends visit for the weekend, made an overnight trip to Aberystwyth and went on a road trip to a wedding in Berkshire via Wiltshire. Our kitchen was also completely stripped out so we had builders in the house most days towards the end of the month.

Our kitchen make-over was finished which was a huge blessing. We were really busy with work, groups and appointments and also tried to get out into the spring sunshine when we could. My parents came up to visit one weekend and I went on retreat another. Josh and I had a mini-babymoon at a fancy hotel and we finished off the month visiting friends in Ruddington.

Holy Week and Easter were incredibly busy for us as we had back-to-back visitors straight after our roadtrip to the Midlands, as well as all the busyness of church. We headed to Devon to visit family in the week after Easter and then we had a week at home of manic preparation before my C-Section was scheduled on the 21st April. We welcomed little Alys Rose into our family and became a family of four!

This month was mostly filled with baby snuggles, sleepless nights and trying to work out what we were doing with two children! I mostly loved it, although I could have done without the crazy hormones, post-csection pain and feeding agony. Spring arrived in force and I loved getting out into the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside when we could. My sister and her family came on holiday in the last week of May so we had a couple of meet-ups with them.

I started to get out and about a bit more, although some days were long and hard. We made a road trip to Wiltshire for a wedding, started to potty train Ivy, we went to the circus, and had a visit from Josh's sister (pictures here). We also celebrated one year of being in Pembrokeshire and tried to organise some church events. The last week of June was extremely hectic as we prepared for and hosted family and friends at Josh's second ordination and the girls dedication. Sadly Ivy got Hand, Foot and Mouth that weekend so I barely slept and she missed the service. It took several days for her to get over it so we were all exhausted.

We were really busy with various things, including visiting Cardiff, hosting an open house and baptising some people in the sea (pictures here and here). We also had some wonderful days out picking strawberries, having bacon on the beach and visiting St Govans.
I spent the last ten days of July in Devon while Josh was busy with work and had some precious days with family which I will always treasure in light of what was to come.

We had Josh's sister and family staying with us the first week of the month and met up with some other friends from Devon over the weekend. At the end of that week we received the shocking news that my sister - who was suffering with cancer - had been given only two weeks to live. I took Alys down to Devon straight away to spend time with her. She passed away on the 17th August and I stayed in Devon with the girls until after the funeral on the 27th. A very difficult month.

After a few days back at home we headed off to Wiltshire for a much needed holiday and family time with just the four of us as we grieved and made sense of the last month. The last two weeks back at home were very hectic with work and church commitments. Ivy turned three!

Josh was working away in the first week of the month and I took the girls on the train to meet him in Cardiff before we drove up to Lincoln to visit friends and their new baby (nearly 600 miles in 24 hours - phew!). The rest of the month was taken up with fairly mundane chores, meetings and events but we were very busy which helped give me a focus for my grief. It felt like things were really changing and growing within our church work and there was lots to plan and organise.
My parents visited during the last week of October which was lovely, and we picked pumpkins and carved them with friends.

Josh's parents visited us for the first week of the month. The next two weeks were fairly quiet in terms of activities but I was very busy planning a Christmas event (Stable Trail) we were organising. We spent the last week having a break at Bluestone resort and a road trip to Wiltshire and Neath which was a great time to recharge before the madness of Christmas.

The first two weeks were just a blur of Stable Trail preparation and trying to look after the girls. I worked all day every day on it which was exhausting but worth it as the event was a success. We had a week to prepare for a busy Christmas and then we hosted Josh's family before heading down to Devon on the 27th until new year. Alys barely slept this month so our days were mostly experienced through a sleep deprived fog!


I am determined to record more of our adventures on the blog this year - it was sadly neglected in 2015. Although having two children is busy and leaves little time for writing things down I want to get my camera out more, record our activities and feelings and to try and take a snap of what we do each day on Instagram. I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings.

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