Pulling the Plough

When Josh was ordained I knew that I wanted to be involved in his ministry. I know a lot of clergy spouses who shun the idea of a stereotypical vicar's wife but for me it wasn't fitting into a role, but instead a fulfilment of many of the things I love and feel called to do in my own life; raising our children, showing hospitality, loving others and working in the church through serving and administration.

However, since moving into our first curacy over a year ago there have been things to distract me from church. Moving house, getting pregnant, being sick, having a baby and then a family bereavement has meant that I haven't had the time or energy to fully commit or get stuck in in the way that I imagined I would.

Since September this has changed. The distractions have stopped and I've been able to throw myself increasingly into Pembrokeshire life.

At the start of the autumn God gave me a picture of a horse pulling a plough. It was clear he was saying that it was time to get back into the harness of church ministry and it was time to work...hard. I felt him say that we (as a church - particularly the leadership) needed to pull and strain on that plough and that a season of hard work was coming. It was important that we keep on going, climbing a hill and putting one foot in front of another because soon we would get to the top of the hill and change was coming. It wouldn't be such hard work then, but at times it would feel like the plough was out of control, slipping around behind us.
However, God reassured me that it was his hand guiding the plough even when it feels out of control.

Those words have been such a comfort to me because the last few months have been busy, hectic, rewarding, exhausting and fruitful.

Several influential people have moved away from our churches leaving gaps that need to be filled, lots of new people have joined the church, Josh has taken control of one of our morning services, we're in the process of revamping the children's work and refurbishing parts of the church, I'm becoming more involved in several areas, we're planning a huge Christmas event...

...and my to-do list is out of control.

Before and afters of church play room

Having two children is a full time job in itself and I feel like I just cannot stop. There's always another load of laundry to fold, another nappy to change, more emails to catch up with, a cuddle to be given, some event to prepare for, or more.

If God hadn't given me that encouraging picture I think I would be going crazy, but instead I'm just excited.

Exhausted, but excited.

Tomorrow we go on holiday for a week and I cannot wait. We aren't going far but it's going to be a time to leave the lists, phone calls and responsibilities behind. The children will have our full attention, we'll go on dates, we'll hold hands, read a book, savour the moments...and we'll slllleeeeeep. Oh, how I need to sleep. It will be time to catch our breath before we dive in again for Christmas.

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