A Day at 5 Months*

* I decided make this record of our day with Alys at five months as I did the same for Ivy the same age (read it here) and it's a really good snap shot of what our lives are like at this time. However, by the end of the day we were all a mess and I was fretting to Josh that I was the worst parent ever so I wasn't sure whether to post it. A few days on, I'm over it and I've decided to share. Our days are normally a little more harmonious than this but hopefully it'll show that we're just a normal family with mundane (sometimes stressful) days just like you!

7.11am: I prise open heavy eyes to the sound of rustling and pattering feet. A cheeky face pokes around the door..."mummy, I've got a poo!". Oh joy. Our day begins.

7.30am: We all snuggle in bed until Josh takes Ivy downstairs for breakfast and I feed Alys whilst trying to pretend I'm still asleep. Another 3am feed has left us tired before the day begins.

8am: Josh gets ready for work so Ivy comes back upstairs; we snuggle and play and then I get her dressed and do her hair.

8.30am: Josh's boss arrives for an early meeting. I put Alys down for a nap and Ivy in front of Dora and jump in the shower.

8.50am: I sit down with cereal and a (much needed caffeinated) cup of tea to try and read my bible in peace while Ivy is watching TV but after five minutes Ivy is fed up of watching Dora and wants to play downstairs. I give up trying to get any bible reading done and we colour pictures of flamingos and talk about eggs and baby birds.

9.20am: We do teeth and I wake up Alys, dress her and feed. Ivy runs off screaming after I tell her it isn't appropriate to shout 'BUM' at her sister.

9.45am: We pack a bag and head out to a local parents and toddler group. I realise I've forgotten some books I needed so run back to the house. We are now running late.

10.05am: Arrive at the zoo that is parents and toddlers. Juggle Alys and Ivy through playing, snack time and songs.

11.30am: Powerwalk over to St Mary's to catch the end of their mid-week communion. The ladies like to see the girls and it's good to catch up. Alys naps.

12.15pm: We walk home and I prepare lunch. Josh joins us later so I slip away to feed Alys and eat cake in peace.

1.30pm: We all head over to church to discuss and plan some Christmas events. Ivy plays and we try to get Alys to nap.

2.45pm: Alys falls asleep in the pram as we head home. I try to get some housework done, but it's slow going whilst trying to encourage Ivy to play independently (I failed), doing potty runs and clearing up failed potty runs.

3.30pm: I've still only managed to unload the dishwasher and start the washing up when Ivy has a tantrum and wakes up Alys. Ivy and Alys 'play' while I speed clean the kitchen.

3.35pm: I tell Ivy off for jumping on Alys. Alys cries. Ivy cries. I consider whether it's too early for gin.

3.55pm: I feed Alys and try and contain Ivy who is rapidly deteriorating into a tired, snotty mess. It all goes downhill from here. We snuggle in bed and watch 15mins of the Great British Bake Off to try and regain some sanity.

4.30pm: I put Alys down for another nap because her sleep has been a bit disrupted today and try (but mostly fail) to play a fish counting game with Ivy.

5pm: I start to prepare dinner (leftovers from yesterday) for me and Ivy. Josh is working.

5.20pm: We battle our way through dinner (I should have given a main meal at lunch time). Ivy is too tired to reason with so I give up and put her straight to bed an hour early. Bedtime is fraught.

5.45pm: I lie in bed watching the end of the Great British Bake off, eating pudding and feeling like a bad parent.

6.15pm: I wake up Alys (she didn't appreciate it), dress her for bed, feed and then back to bed at 6.45pm! Tidy up downstairs.

7pm: I had planned to do several jobs tonight but instead I write this blog post and lie comatose in bed watching The Good Wife. Today has been a tough one!

9.30pm: I feed Alys and put her back down.

10pm: Josh gets home from work and we chat and go to bed. ZZZZ

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  1. Thanks for sharing the reality of your day. It sounds so much like mine at the moment! My two little ones are just the same age as yours and some days I feel so stressed and overwhelmed by the chaos. It's so great to read an honest portrait of a day with little children. Sometimes blogs can make you feel inadequate but I always find your posts so honest and encouraging, thanks!