Our little Ivy turned THREE last week. Can you believe it?! We had a fairly quiet day as Josh was working all day but she enjoyed celebrating at church and getting lots of attention! We put a helium balloon outside of her bedroom to find in the morning and we could hear her giggling all the way along the hall as she made her way to our room! It was such fun that she could understand what was going on and get excited this year!

At three:

// Ivy has made the transformation from toddler into little girl. In the last six months her conversational skills have really come on and she can communicate whatever she wants now, and regularly comes out with some hilarious things. She also loves running, jumping and climbing.

// Her favourite food is fish and chips (she'd eat it every day!). Eating is still quite a battle, but it has improved from what it was. It is still a challenge to get her to eat any fresh vegetables but we try to disguise what we can and she'll happily eat fruit.

// She doesn't nap in the day anymore so we tend to put her to bed at about 6.30-7pm depending on how tired she is. She will normally sleep until about 7am. Bedtimes are generally okay, although sometimes it's a challenge to keep her in bed. Normally she is so tired that she doesn't have the energy for a fight!

// Ivy is potty trained! Finally! We have been potty training on and off for the last few months but Ivy never really got it, and with lots of travel and disruption over the summer I didn't have the energy to push it. However, the day after she turned three she started to use the toilet and has been dry ever since. We're still working on night-times but have had a couple of successes so far.

// She loves reading, doing puzzles, cooking and watching Dora or Peppa Pig. She doesn't like getting her hands dirty.

// She definitely has her own opinions! Some three-year-old behaviour is certainly challenging, and although Ivy is old enough to know what she wants to do it's difficult to reason with her about things that aren't such a good idea! We're just trying to be consistent and hoping this will pass?!

// She is still very friendly and sociable and is great fun to be around. She loves giving hugs and kisses and especially loves being around her sister - although she has been a bit rough recently. She also likes talking on the phone and Skype.

I love spending my days with this girl - even if it is exhausting sometimes! Ivy starts nursery part-time in January so that will be a big adjustment for us all.

Happy Birthday sweet one!

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