Two Months

How can it only be two months since Alys entered our lives? It feels like she's been a part of our family forever! At two months Alys:

// is settled into a routine which we've been implementing for the last three weeks or so. She is contented on the whole and is really good at self soothing to sleep now.

// feeds every three hours in the daytime.

// sleeps pretty well at night but still tends to feed twice, although there have been quite a few occasions recently when it has only been once. She normally has a six hour stretch of sleep but this can be between 7pm-1am or 10pm-4am so I don't always get to make the most of it.

// weighed 11lb 1oz at eight weeks (22/6) which means she's gone up a whole percentile (now on the 50th). I am so proud that I persevered through four weeks of pain and that she's thriving so well having been exclusively breast-fed. It's such a relief not to have the slow weight-gain problems we experienced with Ivy - Alys weighs the same at two months as Ivy did at five months!

// is already moving into some of her 3-6 months clothing. Considering she was barely fitting into 0-3months at one month old she has chunked up considerably!

// adores her sister. She starts smiling and laughing almost as soon as Ivy comes near. Ivy is just as besotted and loves to sing and chat to her. I love watching their bond, even at this young age.

// has the most beautiful smiles.

// loves the bath. I don't think she has ever cried in a bath since we bought her home from hospital and it'll always calm her down if she's upset.

// has pretty good head control, although it can be a little wobbly. I am going to try her in the Bumbo soon.

// brings us so much joy!

See Alys at ONE MONTH - Ivy at TWO MONTHS

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  1. The pic of them together is absolutely precious!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. Also you and baby seem to have pretty together for just two months - lucky you!! Congrats she is beautiful.

  3. Aww she is adorable and the pic with big sis is definitely worthy of a frame. Beautiful post x