This week in pictures

Another week has passed, and yet again it has been a busy one. 

I've spent most of the week feeling stressed about parenting. As the mum and dad of a nearly-three-year-old we are trying to work out some consistent discipline that actually gets some results, but I feel so out of my depth and hate feeling out of control! I think having children is often like holding a mirror up to yourself...quite often the reflection isn't great! I guess we just have to keep on going, trying to improve ourselves day by day, being consistent and hope we have well rounded children at the end of it!

Anyway here's a record of our week:

We had church on Sunday morning, and to our surprise some friends from Cardiff turned up at the service so we invited them back for lunch and spent a fun afternoon catching up (and put my 'how to be ready for guests in 20mins or under' to the test!).
The girls had a nap in the late afternoon and I enjoyed getting my paints out for the first time in ages to create some illustrations for a friend's gift. We all went to church again in the evening. 

I can't really remember what we did on Monday so I'm presuming it included catching up with chores. I took the girls down to the shops in the rain!

We headed off early to Cardiff for a hospital appointment and then spent the rest of the day catching up with various friends. It was an enjoyable but tiring day with lots of driving.

A friend from church took Ivy out to play from 10am-3pm so I enjoyed my first toddler free day for several weeks and blitzed loads of chores which felt great. In the evening we headed to Bosherston to have a meal with friends who were down on holiday. 

I had a rough night with Alys waking every couple of hours to feed so was glad that Ivy gave us a bit of a lie in in the morning. She seemed quite groggy when we woke her but I got her ready and set off for a parents and toddler group....only for her to be sick everywhere as soon as we arrived. It was horrifically gross and embarrassing to be the parent who brings a sick child to infect everyone else! She seemed to perk up in the afternoon so Josh took her out for a walk and I tidied the house and did lots of cooking for...

Open house day! We issued an open invite for anyone from Josh's four churches to drop in for tea, cake and chat and we had a nice number of people. Unfortunately Josh had to take a big funeral in the afternoon (which was booked after we'd already advertised open house) but I survived with the help of a friend!

I took the girls down to the beach in the morning and Ivy enjoyed poking around in rock pools and we attended a church summer fete in the afternoon. 

Life seems to be constantly hectic since Alys arrived. As well as being out and about a lot any spare time is spent trying to keep my head above water with chores, feeding, changing nappies, getting people dressed (several times a day), disciplining and playing. Although I often complain to Josh that it's too difficult or that I'm stressed I really do love it. My hands and heart are full.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week, but the stress of a toddler must make things a little tougher! I hope you manage to get things sorted with discipline etc - can't be easy xx

  2. Just found your blog through the #twtwc linky and so glad I stopped by.

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous.

    You certainly have had a busy week! I feel knackered just reading about it! :)

    Where on earth did you managed to find a creme egg at this time of year. I am craving one now! ;)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Bless you - sounds busy but good. Enjoy xx

  4. Oh your illustration is beautiful! I hope I can see more of your work! Sounds like a very up and down week - glad the open house went well though!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx