June in Pictures

Wow, so July is here already. Where have the last two months gone? We have had to stop Ivy having a nap in the afternoons (or otherwise she refuses to sleep at night) so my time is filled from the moment I am woken to the time I can fall into bed for a couple of hours before night feeds begin. As a result 'me time' is rare and blogging is low on the agenda!  However, I've been faithfully Instagramming my days in order to remember what has been happening.

Here's a recap - get ready for a photo overload!:

June Week 1:

I got back into the swing of things with the girls this week and dug out the double buggy for the first time. I seemed to spend a lot of this week rushing from one place to another whilst making sure everyone was fed and dressed on time! I also started on my huge to-do list of things accumulated since Alys was born.

We had a few rough days (Alys went through a growth spurt and Ivy was tired) and we also started potty training...which didn't really happen as Ivy wasn't ready and I was exhausted. The highlight was taking the girls to the circus for the first time - Ivy loved it!

On Saturday we headed to Wiltshire for a wedding and to see relatives! It was hectic but lovely to have a family road trip.

June Week 2:
We travelled back from Wiltshire on Monday and I spent the week doing chores, exploring and visiting the park (and spiralizing courgettes into pasta for the first time). I started trying to get Alys into a routine which caused me stress!
Ivy also worked out that she could actually get out of her bed and run around this week (it's taken her months!) which has brought us a lot of bedtime joys (not).

Josh's sister arrived for a visit at the end of this week and we spent a lovely weekend hanging out, and even managed to squeeze in our first date since baby to see Jurassic World at the cinema.

June Week 3:

Josh's sister left on Monday and we had a busy week of appointments and chores, as well as meeting up with people from church. We hosted a 20s and 30s meal at our house on Saturday (Ivy and I cooked a chocolate cake) which went well and we had church services and a strawberry tea on Sunday.

Alys slept through the night (9pm - 4.30am) for the first time on Friday 19th June.

June Week 4:

This was a week of madness.

Alys had her first jabs on Monday and Josh's parents arrived for his ordination week. Josh was super busy with work and I was preparing for our weekend. Josh left for his ordination retreat on Wednesday and my mum arrived to help me look after the girls. The next few days were a whirl of hosting and preparation.

Josh's ordination was on the Saturday and we had the girls dedicated on the Sunday. However on Friday night Ivy developed a high temperature and so I arrived at the ordinations having only had three hours sleep and then hosted about twenty people for afternoon tea.
Saturday evening brought spiking temperatures, rashes and late night hospital visits (she had Hand, Foot and Mouth) so sadly she had to miss her own dedication service but it was a good time anyway.

June Week 5:

We visited Tenby with some of our visitors on Monday. They left on Tuesday and we've kept a low profile for the rest of the week as Ivy is contagious so we haven't been able to go out to our normal groups. It's been a pretty tough week as I have been completely drained after the weekend and Ivy has been poorly and VERY grumpy. I am beyond exhausted!

This month has been incredibly busy and has bought it's fair share of parenting joys and challenges. Josh has also been manic with work which means I've been thrown into the deep end learning to parent two alone and doing most dinner, bath and bedtimes solo (this generally includes lots of screaming and too many bribes with Dora). Here's hoping for a more restful July!

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