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When we moved into our house a year ago I had a pretty set idea of how I wanted things to be decorated. This was the first house we'd ever lived in as a couple where we could choose the paint and carpet colours and put picture hooks up on the walls so I planned it all in my head for months.

Downstairs we have a kitchen, a dining/play room and a lounge. We have a lot of people coming to our house for meetings and generally just dropping in so I planned for this front sitting room to be kept as a smarter adult room (no toys) which could be kept tidy and welcoming for guests.

I prefer a simple, slightly minimalist look with splashes of colour here and there so wanted to keep frames on the walls to a minimum with one or two really beautiful pieces of art or photography to draw the eye. The problem is when it comes to art Josh and I rarely agree. I prefer large abstract landscape or sea canvases which you can lose yourself in, whereas Josh would choose highly detailed drawings every time.

However, there is one artist we both love and we were really pleased to be able to buy one of her paintings for our home just before we moved in.

Helen Workman is a Devon based artist who has started painting full time in the last couple of years and specialises in seascapes and wild flowers. When we saw her painting 'Devon Pride' we both fell in love with it and there didn't need to be any discussion as to which painting we wanted!

I love it because of its link with Devon, and it reminds me of relaxing in long grass and flowers the hot summer that Josh and I first started going out. When you stare at it it seems to change colour, like the clouds are scudding across the sky and you can always find new flowers and grasses the longer you look. It's detailed enough for Josh but with enough bold colours and paint splashes to please me too.

It is the first thing you notice when you enter the room and we get so many comments and compliments on it from all the visitors we have to the house. It was definitely an investment and we are so pleased with it!

For more information about her paintings you can visit Helen's website HERE or her Facebook page HERE.

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  1. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous - I love the minimalist look too. Which is just as well because with a 15-month-old, everything is gradually being removed from each room as she's gotten bigger and more mobile!

    The painting is beautiful and it's great when you have art that truly means something to you.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx