The Week That Was

I have recently upgraded my phone and top on my list of priorities was to get one with a decent camera. My old phone had a camera with about 5mpx and I barely ever bothered to take any photos as they would inevitably come out blurred and grainy. I am enjoying having a decent camera with me wherever I go as it's a lot easier than lugging a huge DSLR around when you've got to think about two children as well.

Recent days are passing in such a blur that I have decided that now I've got a decent camera I will be updating my Instagram account more frequently in an attempt to remember what is going on in our lives. I can barely recall what I did yesterday so I hope that this will provide a record of these early days of our expanded family. When I get a chance I will be doing a blog round up to record our adventures. So here goes:

// We are still keeping a low profile and have mainly stayed around the house this week, especially as Josh was back at work full time and I am not allowed to drive yet.

// Going it alone with two has been alright. Although Ivy has her defiant moments she has mostly been helpful and loves to be around Alys. I think the most challenging thing is finding the motivation to keep Ivy entertained when I'm tired and have limited time to get things done and to try and recooperate. I'm looking forward to getting back into a more normal routine.

// I ventured out with both of the girls on my own for the first time on Wednesday. We went to the library and all went smoothly, although I was achey on the way home.

// I finally got round to doing a 'newborn shoot' with Alys this week and also knocked up some thank you cards. We have received so many cards and gifts I'll still be writing them when she turns eighteen.

// My little trip to the library left me craving more sunshine and spring flowers so on Wednesday evening we took a family stroll through woods to the beach. We feel so blessed to live in Pembrokeshire; it is stunning and the woods were bursting with Pink Campion, Bluebells and Wild Garlic.

// We have been blown away by the generosity of people from church, especially from the people who keep dropping round with plates of yummy food!

// I am still finding breastfeeding a slog and it's starting to take its toll now as I just want to get rid of the pain! To top it off I woke up on Friday with an infection and a fever which left me feeling horrible all day. Parenting when you feel rough is hard work, but Ivy was sweet and sat and held my hand while we watched Dora and kept asking if I was okay. Thankfully Josh was able to take her for part of the day so I could get some rest and I'm feeling better today so hopefully I've shifted it without the need for antibiotics.

// On Saturday we had our first proper day out since Alys was born to some local gardens (more photos to come). All went smoothly and I was able to collect some spring flowers to brighten up our mantelpiece.

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  1. Lovely photos, I think its good to try and get out with 2 children, its hard being stuck indoors! Sorry you were feeling ill towards the end of the week! Hope your feeling better now x popping over from TWTWC linky xx

  2. Take it easy sweetie. Don't be hard on yourself. You do so much and you're a brilliant mother and wife. I hope you get time to treat yourself and rest. Praying you get time to recooperate and strengthen yourself. Lots of love to you and the family xx

  3. Oh gosh - I hope you're ok! It sounds like you've had a tough time this week with infections and defiant Toddlers! Your pictures are stunning.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xxx