We would like to introduce the newest member of our family
Alys Rose
born on Tuesday 21st April at 1.55pm and weighing 6lb 12oz

After spending a few days in hospital we are all now at home and doing well. Alys seems to be very happy and contented and her big sister is absolutely smitten with her.
I have found the whole experience much calmer and more relaxed than when we had Ivy. I think this is a mixture of having a much better birth experience and knowing much more of what to expect when we brought her home. I have been struggling with discomfort and breastfeeding agony pain but generally things are going well and we're getting a bit of sleep here and there!
It hasn't quite sunk in that she has been born and that we're now a family of four; the last week has flown by! However I feel so blessed and look forward to getting out and about soon.
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  1. So excited for you guys. Can't wait to meet her! x

  2. Oh she's beautiful. Congratulations to you all! x

  3. What a beautiful name. Congratulations and I wish your family all the best. :)