Ten things you might not know about me

Today I am taking part in a blog-hop hosted by the lovely Jenny Cupido and have been asked to share ten things about myself that you probably don't know. Here goes...

1. We never bought a television when we got married and haven't really missed it over the last eight years. I find myself becoming increasingly sensitive to the violence, swearing and crudeness of many programmes and it's hard to find things I  truly enjoy. We use Netflix or Blinkbox for films and online catch-up for the few programmes we do follow.

2. Having said the above, I'm going to admit that TV does play a daily role in Ivy's routine (yes, fine - judge me now). As Josh is normally out of the house early she tends to watch thirty minutes of Dora the Explorer while I get ready. I need my morning routine to keep me sane, and I think it's actually very educational!

3. I used to be incredibly quiet and shy when I was younger. Although I'm still not going to draw attention to myself in a crowd the last ten years of growing up (and being with Josh) has given me the confidence to be happy in my own skin and I've realised that I actually love being with people.

4. I hate driving, and will avoid it at any cost- even if it means walking a distance in the rain. If there was no one else on the road I think I would enjoy it but I'm always worried about getting into a situation that I can't manoeuvre out of!

5. I gave up caffeine when I was seventeen and I've probably only drunk two or three full strength cups of coffee in the last twelve years. I will sometimes drink tea if there is no decaf option but after one cup I can feel myself getting jittery and anxious. I could easily become desensitised to it again (I love tea!) but don't like the affect it has on my body.

6. In both my pregnancies I have loved the third trimester...mainly because of nesting. It is like an unstoppable force for me, and even when I feel tired or uncomfortable I still seem to have the motivation to clean, sort and organise. If someone could bottle the hormone that causes nesting they would make their millions.

7. I have recently realised that I say "Okay?!" to Ivy all.the.time because she has started to parrot it back at me! I think it started as an affirmative statement at the end of every sentence after we had a month of serious tantrumming at Christmastime when I tried to make everything sound positive. Now I need to get out of the habit!

8. I love blogging, but sometimes I get sad that people don't seem to ask me questions about my life anymore because they read it all on my blog! I miss the days of snail mail...although I must admit I'm not great at initiating letters!

9. I could eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's in one sitting if I let myself. I'd like to say that I'm super healthy and have given up sugar...but I'm not - I'm addicted.

10. I love being creative (drawing, crocheting, crafting etc.) but I'm really rubbish at making time to do it. There always seems to be something else to do in the short moments that I have free to do such things, and I'm lazy about unpacking all my art stuff!

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