Kitchen Makeover: Before and After

We have recently been blessed to have a completely new kitchen installed in our home. We get our house as part of Josh's job so we didn't get any say in the new design (except for the paint colour) but were surprised and grateful that they wanted to replace everything, from the floors to the lights.

I say surprised because although old, our previous kitchen was structurally sound. However, it was filled with dark stained wood and dated tiles so I am thrilled to now have a light and modern kitchen in its place.

Those who follow me on Instagram may have seen some of my updates (and stresses!) while the new kitchen was being installed. It took twenty days to complete and although the workmen were impressively helpful and kept mess to a minimum it was still a horrible upheaval having everything from the kitchen strewn around the house, especially with a busy toddler thrown into the mix! I am so grateful it is now complete and I have my house back to normal!

Anyway, enough talking about it - I'm sure you want to see some before and after photos...


{please also note terrible pink carpet in the hallway - so glad that went in our hallway makeover!}


I especially love...

// that although the layout of the kitchen is the same as before the new cabinets seem to have so much more room than the old ones. It makes me so happy to have lots of space to have everything laid out and organised and not crammed in as it was before.

// we have had lots of new electrical sockets put in which makes the space a lot more workable and means I haven't got dangerous dishwasher-plugged-into-extention-leads situations going on.

// I now have my tumble dryer in the kitchen! After a year of having it out in the spider infested garage at the end of our garden I can't describe how happy it makes me to be able to simply transfer laundry over into the dryer without having to think about whether it's raining, dark or if I'm going to get crawled on by bugs!

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  1. Wow Rachel it's looking lovely and fresh x

  2. I love the new kitchen! The comment above made me smile because that's exactly what I was going to say, so lovely and fresh :D I admire anyone who can keep orchids alive...and what's the little green plant in the tin pot?