Two Years & Five Months

The months have slipped by quickly without an Ivy update and she has changed so much! Here's what she's up to at 29 months.

// She is such a little chatterbox and learns new words every week. I don't even know where she gets it from half the time! Although she has been slower at picking up numbers and colours she understands concepts very well and can express herself eloquently. She's also very sensitive to the moods of others and will pick up on people's emotions.

// She loves to be around people and only takes a few minutes before she's your new best friend. This is great but I think it'll be good for her to have a sibling to share the attention with. She's getting very used to being doted on at church events and fed FAR too much cake.

// Speaking of cake...fussy eating is the only real problem we are having with Ivy at the moment. To hear her speak you'd think that all we feed Ivy is cake, biscuits and chips when in fact I try to make homemade healthy food every day! It's very frustrating that meals are a constant battle but we will persevere. I'm trying to be creative in getting her to eat healthy food while still trying to avoid gimmicks; I don't want the only way she'll ever eat is if things are served in a certain way.

I had a craving for cheese fondue the other day and Ivy surprised me by eating fresh vegetables. She loved dipping them in the cheese with her own fork (nearly taking my eye out in the process).

// Ivy still sleeps really well and also has an afternoon nap. We recently moved her into a full sized single bed and so far the transition has gone very smoothly. Naps have become slightly more difficult because she tends to try and escape and read her books. She will sit quietly reading, which is fine, but she does need a sleep really. She normally gives up and goes to sleep after we put her back to bed a few times!

// She loves Dora the Explorer and would happily watch it all day if she was allowed! We try to limit TV time but it's a good distraction tool if I have a pressing job to do.

// She enjoys playing with blocks, puzzles, cooking and cleaning toys but mostly she loves to read books. Her new favourite thing is to finish each sentence herself. I love to see her reading to herself.
She also loves to sing and has recently learnt the words to several songs which she can do herself.

// Generously gives out hugs, kisses and love yous. She is getting much better at saying please and thank you too and will come out with it at the cutest times. She also likes to pray for people and talk to Jesus about her day.

// She has outgrown her pram now and loves to walk everywhere! This isn't always the most convenient thing in the world but most of the time she will walk nicely and hold my hand! It's lovely being able to go for a family walk out in the countryside and she can happily walk a couple of miles without getting tired.

Every stage seems to have its difficult areas but I enjoy Ivy more and more as she grows. She is a proper little buddy to have around the house now and we love going to adventures together! Ivy you are such a blessing!
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