Pregnancy 2nd time around

I've heard it said that no two children are alike and so no two pregnancies are the same either. This has certainly been the case for me - some of the changes have been things I've implemented while others are out of my control. Here are some of the things I'm doing differently this time around:

Reading Less
When I fell pregnant with Ivy I read a lot of baby books and websites. We didn't have a clue what parenting was all about so felt the need to swat up on everything we'd need to know! This time around I have barely read a thing, and I certainly haven't signed up for the weekly emails informing me of what vegetable my child currently represents. I guess I feel like we already know the basics and have learnt that a lot of parenting is just taking things as it comes. Although other's opinions are helpful, ultimately you have to make the final calls yourself and a book can't tell you what is exactly right for each individual child.

Stress Less
I think this is directly related to the point above! With your first pregnancy everything is new and it's easy to get paranoid about little things. This time around I have tried to worry less about everything and trust my body more.

Stopped wishing time away
When I was pregnant with Ivy I really looked forward to the day that she was born and tended to wish the months away until our due date. This time around I'm trying to enjoy each day as it comes and to cherish the time I have with Ivy before there are two! I think this is because I'm more aware of the chaos that will surely ensue when we have a toddler and a newborn in the house. While I'm looking forward to meeting our new baby, I'm also enjoying this time of relative normality!

Stopped looking for a bump!
Like many expectant mothers I was very impatient for a baby bump to appear when we found out we were expecting Ivy. I am still enjoying my pregnancy body this time around but I've been less concerned about having a 'bump' - I think it's because I'm more realistic about the fact that a bigger bump means more baby weight to lose!

More realistic
Now that we have done the new-born thing once I feel a lot more realistic about what will be facing us in June. It makes me even more excited about tiny-baby cuddles, mini clothes and family life, but I also realise how hard it's going to be....and I'm really not looking forward to the sleepless nights! zzzz

Missing the bloom
I have just been reading a 25 week blog update from when I was pregnant with Ivy and I am frustrated that I don't seem to be 'blooming' this time around. I have often said that - besides the weeks of morning sickness early on- I have never felt better in my life than when I was pregnant with Ivy. However this time around it has really taken it out of me, and combined with a heavy cold and cough over Christmas I've been left feeling thoroughly run-down and fed up. I'm also experiencing pregnancy symptoms like heartburn and leg cramps a lot earlier this time around.
I'm wondering if it's the fact that I was pregnant over spring/summer and I ate lots of healthy food first time around, where as this time the dark winter days just make me want to eat junk and hibernate? Whatever it is, I want to feel better!

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  1. Congratulations Rachel! I was so excited to come on here and find your news! Every pregnancy is so different...I remember I didn't feel as well the second time around either but part of it I'm sure was that the later months were in the winter (canadian winter!) and I wasn't able to get as much sunshine and exercise outdoors. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy these things more as spring approaches! And just remember to take it as easy as you can and not stress too much about being productive when you're not feeling well!

  2. I think not feeling as good during the second pregnancy has a lot to do with having a toddler to chase around! I get exhausted doing that even when I'm not pregnant, haha!