2014 in Review

2014 has been a rollercoaster year of emotions. I can't quite believe that we spent six months of the year living in Cardiff as it seems a distant memory now we are involved and invested in Pembrokeshire life. Here have been our monthly highlights from 2014:

We celebrated a belated Christmas with Josh's family in the Lake District and visited other family members in Wiltshire and Cambridgeshire. We were busy with lots of baby and college activities and Ivy enjoyed exploring and going for her first proper walks.

Ivy began to hit more milestones and her vocabulary improved every day. We visited Nottingham and launched dreamingofthecountry.com. Ivy brought several bugs through the house as a result of attending lots of baby groups so we spent much of the month feeling ill, but still managed to find time for some puddle jumping and other fun.

As the weather improved with the coming of spring we tried to get out and about as much as possible, including trips to Tintern Abbey and the zoo.

We started off the month with another stomach bug which laid us low for a week. Josh was super busy finishing off his degree and we tried to make the most of our last few months in Cardiff by visiting lots of friends and family in Devon, Wiltshire and Cumbria, as well as hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law in Tewkesbury over the Easter holiday.

We enjoyed making the most of the sunny weather by sorting out our garden and began to turn our thoughts to packing up our house ready for our move to Pembrokeshire. We visited our new house and bought new carpets, a bed and a sofa (how grown up!).

We started off the month celebrating Josh finishing his three year degree by spending a few days yurting before all the craziness of moving house. I spent most of the month in a whirl of decluttering and organising, feeling both excited and nervous about moving to a new area. We moved house on the 16th June (which all went smoothly) and then headed off up country for a hen and stag-do only a couple of days later before celebrating Josh's ordination (and welcoming 40+ guests into our home) on the 28th June. A busy time!

We tried to come to terms with lots of life changes - a new house, a new area and a new job for Josh - and enjoyed exploring our new surroundings, especially the beaches. Ivy was a bridesmaid for our good friends' wedding on the 12th July which was a wonderful day, although rather exhausting for all of us. All the stress of moving caught up with me by the end of July and I felt tired and stressed, but this soon passed. I loved making our new house a home.

This was a very busy month of meeting new people and getting stuck into church life, as well as enjoying a glorious summer in the beautiful countryside surrounding our new home. We also visited Nottingham and Aberystwyth where we met our new nephew for the first time.

I welcomed the start of September as Autumn is my favourite season, and we made the most of the last of the nice weather by getting outside as much as possible. I found out that I was expecting our second baby and we headed off for a family holiday in Devon and the Lake District just as morning sickness began to make it's appearance. Ivy turned two years old.

This miserable month passed in a blur of 24/7 sickness and worry after our 12 week scan showed a potential problem with our baby, which eventually resulted in a hospital stay for treatment of Hyperemesis. Thankfully everything seems okay with the baby after subsequent scans and I began to feel better with some fluids and sickness meds from the hospital.

This was a month to take things slow and continue to recuperate. We managed a few fun days, including a trip to Folly Farm.

We enjoyed preparing to host Christmas at home for the first time and were busy with all the normal celebrations, as well as Josh having a busy workload. We enjoyed welcoming Josh's family for Christmas and travelling down to Devon for a few days on the 28th.

I begin 2015 feeling a bit strange. The last few months have contained such a lot of change and upheaval and this new pregnancy has left me feeling rather poorly and run-down. I still have a lot of settling-in to do in our new town but I suspect that 2015 will pass in a blur of preparation and sleepless nights. I look forward to seeing what the next twelve months bring!


  1. What a great review of the year Rachel. So in love with your pictures and praising God for your return to health. I know 2015 is going to bring fresh strength, courage and blessing! Lots of love, Jenny xx

  2. I love this - it's amazing all that you have been through! God is faithful! And so lovely to see your photos. Almost brought a tear to my eye to see these special photos. Lots of love to you all xxx