Lately, life has been slow. I’ve watched through a lethargic haze as everyone around me has sped up for Christmas, busy with their planning while I still seem to take every day at a slow plod. While this has been frustrating at times I am trying to listen to my body and respect that this is a season which will pass and that I should embrace for now. Although I’m feeling much better than I was I seem to be unable to gauge when I’m doing too much – I’ll have a great, productive day where I feel normal and then be struck down by exhaustion, migraines or sickness the next.

I have been reading a pregnancy blog update from when I was around the same pregnancy stage with Ivy and I seem to be taking a lot longer to come out of the fog this time around – maybe that’s what having a busy toddler around does to you?!

Having said all this things do improve as the weeks pass. I finally feel like I have the housework under control, we are mostly ready for Christmas and we escape on family adventures whenever Josh’s busy Christmas schedule allows.

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks and celebrating with family and hopefully I’ll be posting a lot more in the new year.

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