Today our beautiful red-headed little girl turns two!  This last year has gone so quickly and Ivy has changed so much. Here are some of her characteristics at age two…

She loves chatting away and has a large vocabulary. She is especially good with animal names and noises.

She is still very friendly and sociable. I love that she is very affectionate and will come up for hugs and kisses several times a day. She’ll always blow kisses when she says goodbye to someone!
Ivy is gradually getting more into imaginary play and especially likes to play with cuddly toys. I often over-hear her chatting away to them and pretending to give them food. She still loves to read books and will sit and read to herself.

She is still consistently sleeping well which is great, and as a two hour nap every afternoon. She has become a bit fussy with eating, especially in the evening but is an absolute snack monster and would eat crisps and cake all day if she was allowed!

Although Ivy will often test her boundaries we have tried to be pretty consistent with discipline and she is normally pretty well behaved and does what she is told! She is much more of a little friend now as she interacts with me and shares her thoughts and opinions – I love spending my days with her!

Happy Birthday little one!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVY!!! God bless you sweetie (and Mummy and Daddy too) xxx