Simple Hospitality // How to be ready for guests in 20 minutes or under

I’m not sure about you, but I like my house to be looking at its best when we have guests around. In the previous weeks of our Simple Hospitality series we have been discussing the importance of welcoming others into our hearts and homes without getting hung up about everything needing to be perfect, BUT that doesn’t mean that we can’t make an effort to keep things looking nice too.
However, life is busy and not many people have the time to spend getting their house show home ready for guests every day. Here are some tips to always be ready for guests in twenty minutes or under!

A place for everything and everything in its place
This is my favourite housekeeping mantra. If you want a tidy house you need to have a place for every single little thing in your home, even down to the smallest paperclip, piece of mail or random extension lead; it’s those little things that get consistently left around that cause long term clutter. Once you have a place for everything it makes it so much easier to clean up quickly every day or to do a super quick sweep around when you have guests coming.

If you don’t have room for all your possessions consider de-cluttering some of them! It’ll free up surface and cupboard space, means less cleaning and will give a cleaner and fresher feel to your home.  

Form a cleaning routine
Unless you have super powers you are not going to be able to deep clean your house last minute before guests arrive so you need to set a weekly routine to keep your house respectable! Just a few minutes cleaning each day can keep your house ready for any last minute guests. {Download mine here}

Be aware of the danger zones
I don’t know about you but I have several areas in my home that get consistently messy and which I feel embarrassed for guests to come across so I try to be mindful of them and keep them clean or head to them first if I know guests are coming. So for example in my house this would be, clearing dishes up in the kitchen, sweeping up dropped food from Ivy’s high-chair, putting away junk from our entrance hallway and checking the bathroom sink and toilet are clean.

Close the doors
It’s unlikely your guests are going to use all your rooms so just focus on cleaning the rooms you will use and close the doors on the rest!

Add some scent
Spray some air freshener or light a scented candle to improve the scent and atmosphere in your home.


When your guests arrive try to forget how your house looks and focus on giving your guests what they need – they probably won’t notice all the things you’re stressing about anyway!

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