Last Saturday we celebrated Josh’s long awaited ordination day. We had a great time alongside family and friends and it was a wonderful culmination of many years of hard work - I was so proud of Josh and all he has achieved.

After the service we had around forty people over to our house for lunch and thankfully the weather stayed dry so people could spill over into the garden. It was great, and we had enough food, horray!

This week has been a bit strange as Josh has started his job and I’ve been trying to get things straight after the busyness of the weekend and work out what our new life is going to look like here. I’m slowly meeting new people and making connections but with so much change going on I think it will take a while for things to feel normal! I still find it bizarre when Josh puts his collar on each morning…I’m married to a vicar!*

*Okay, so actually he’s a curate, but does anyone actually know what that means nowadays?!


  1. Yay! what an amazing journey and what an amazing family. sad i couldnt join you but pray i get to catch up with you soon :-)

  2. Congratulations on the move and this big step! Do you mind if I ask what church (denomination) are you a part of?

    I was just looking at the few house pictures in your last post...love the fireplace! I was just writing about listing our house...we are hoping to move but are waiting for ours to sell first...have fun setting up your new home!