One, Two, Three...Smile!

Taking photos of toddlers is notoriously difficult, and Ivy is no exception.  I used to be able to take my time over framing the perfect shot while she was content to lie or sit in one place, but now I’m lucky to get a snap of a retreating back or an extreme close-up of her face when she's demanding to see the camera screen.

Last weekend Ivy was a flowergirl at a wedding (I forgot my camera – can you believe it?!) so she needed to be in quite a few photos. Although she was fairly well behaved all day we just couldn't get her to smile at the appropriate moment.

I realised that I should have prepared her in advance by turning it into a game so earlier this week we did lots of practice saying ‘one, two, three’ with frowny faces and then saying ‘smile!’ with a big happy face.

Although it’s too late for this wedding I hope it’ll come in handy for photos in the future. Ivy now walks around saying ‘one, one, smile!’.

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  1. She is the cutest little imp I've ever seen. Gorgeous. Send her my love xxx