Guest Bedroom: Before & After

One of my great joys in moving home has been that we now have a spare bedroom.

Although we had a pull-out sofa bed in our old house I have been dreaming of a specific area which I can keep set up for guests for years and have had so much fun planning this room over the last few months. I was so excited to finally be able to move in and make it a reality!

The room is fairly small so I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered to maximise the space available. I went with a white and grey theme to keep it light but with a few hits of hot pink to bring some interest and warmth to the room.

I am planning to do another post with some of the details of our guest room as part of a new series which will be coming soon but for now I will leave you to enjoy some before and after photos of our new guest bedroom - let us know when you’re free to visit!


  1. Looks lovely! I have a side table just like that one for our master bedroom. :)

  2. It's lovely, and the wall decor is so sweet :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for answering my question! I thought with the robes and such you might be catholic and was just curious. I'm not big on denominations either - I think good doctrine is important but the essential thing is a correct understanding of the gospel. (And that we believe it and trust in Christ!)