Entryway Makeover: Before and After

Your home’s entrance needs to be both beautiful and practical. Beautiful because it provides a first impression for the rest of your house (and may be the only part visitors get to see!), and practical because it is one of the rooms most likely to end up as a dumping ground for bags, coats, shoes and paperwork if it is not well organised.

When we first visited our new home back in the winter I was slightly overwhelmed by our entryway’s dated wallpaper and the threadbare fuchsia carpet – in fact, I hated it! Although everything in our house was practically sound I was really put off by much of the décor and hoped that we could change it as I dreamed of a light, airy and welcoming home to share with guests.

Well, I am pleased to say that we have been extremely blessed and our home is now much as I dreamed it would be – and the entryway is no exception!

Here are some before and after shots…

We had the wallpaper painted over with a neutral cream which keeps the whole place feeling clean and light.

All of the carpets downstairs have been replaced with laminate flooring which I love. It’s more practical with small children and prams, it’s easier to clean and makes the whole place feel more open and airy. We also replaced the fraying pink carpet on the stairs with a soft plum coloured one. We weren’t sure about it when we chose it but I think it’s nice to have an injection of colour instead of going for a more neutral tone.

I’m really enjoying our coat rack with baskets to contain all our winter gear, summer hats and other random items that need to be by the door but can so often cause clutter. We’ve also got a couple of cute pots to corral loose change and keys. Our trusty IKEA shoe rack keeps the hallway looking clean and clear while still allowing us to keep our shoes right next to the door.

I managed to get a lovely (and cheap!) long rug to go inside the door to stop the floor getting dirty and wet too quickly and was pleased to find an amazing underlay to stop it slipping around and ruckling up when we push the pram on it. I didn’t think I would be able to use the rug at first as it was getting quite dangerous but this stops it moving at all!

Overall I am so happy with our new entryway. It is so much larger and lighter than in our previous home, and I think our recent changes have made such a difference!

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  1. Wow! What a difference when you take out the dark carpet!! Love it!