Portrait of a Home

I am really looking forward to moving into our new house and making it a home. We've had it decorated and picked out new carpets and furnishings and I've spent hours pouring over Pinterest to gain decorative and organisational inspiration.

However, as moving day draws near I'm genuinely sad to be leaving our little cottage in Cardiff and it gives me a little pang of sadness that we'll never see this house again. I know it's only bricks and mortar so perhaps that is a strange thing to say, but this house has truly been a home for us. When other things have been difficult and stressful in Cardiff it has been a haven for us to relax in.

Although we have only lived here for three years it has been a time of immense change for us as a couple. This has been our first unfurnished house so we have picked out all the furniture together and planned out the garden.
It's also the home we brought Ivy home to and watched her grow from a tiny newborn to a busy toddler, discovering what it means to be a parent along the way. So many memories and milestones have been created in this house that I'm sure it will stay with us throughout our lives.

Although I won't be disappointed to leave behind the areas of peeling paint and mold (including the time a mushroom grew out of a leaky ceiling!!!!) and the fact a lot of the windows are painted shut I will miss the light spacious kitchen and my lovely big bathroom. I'll miss the sloping ceilings with exposed beams upstairs and the cosy oasis of calm that is our bedroom.

We prayed a lot about where we would live in Cardiff and we were so blessed to end up here. My prayer for our new home is that as well as all the hard work we put in to make it look nice, it'll also be a home filled with family, hospitality and love just as our home has been here.


  1. It looks a lovely house and I bet your new home will be even nicer. Look forward to hearing about it.

  2. I remember moving out of our last house... we moved in when Liza was 6 months. It was Jason's only home. For five years we experienced every first that our kids had there. We watched them grow. We tucked them in. For a moment I struggled with leaving... until I realized that I could just pack up all those memories and take them with me. I was leaving the house behind... but I was taking the life I lived and all the memories with me. You will too. :) I hope all goes smoothly with your move! And that you continue making great memories in the new place!