Hello! I am writing this from our new home in Pembrokeshire!

The last few days have been an exhausting whirl of goodbyes, boxes, removal men and unpacking, but it's all gone really well.
The church pay our removal costs so we were able to have the removal company pack all our things in Cardiff which was such a blessing. They arrived at 7.45am, I took Ivy out to a baby group at 9.15am and by the time I got back from having lunch with a friend they had finished packing everything into their van! Ivy then slept in her travel cot while Josh ran errands and I cleaned the house and we were ready to leave by about 4pm.

We weren't planning on coming down to our new house on Monday but I'm really glad that we did as it gave us a bit of breathing space and time to prepare for the removal men who arrived at 10.30am on Tuesday morning. Again, they were very efficient and had finished unloading by about 1pm.

Sadly they couldn't unpack for us too so the real work began but we have blitzed through most of the boxes already and the house is looking lovely.
The church has done quite a bit of redecoration and we are so grateful for everyone who has worked so hard to get it ready for us and left gifts and called in to say hello.

So, we are feeling good, although I am soooooo exhausted because I keep waking up really early as all our rooms are really light compared to Cardiff. I'm looking forward to my body clock resetting and having a proper rest, especially now the pressure of unpacking has lifted slightly.
Ivy is doing fine and has been very well behaved, although she has been a bit clingy - probably because we were trying to get on with unpacking!

I'm off to investigate a local baby group this morning so I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. Yay! Happy new home. Keep your peepers out for Mr Postman xxx

  2. Ah I hope you'll all be happen in your new home. Whereabouts in Pembrokeshire are you Rachel? We have a lot of family down that way. Would love to know of a good church down there! x