23 & 24/52

23/52 This week you enjoyed going to the yurts and having lots of fun outside. This picture makes me laugh because the chicken kept trying to steal your piece of fruit bread and you couldn't decide whether you liked it or not.

24/52 This week has been our last in Cardiff so we've been saying lots of goodbyes. On Sunday we celebrated Daddy's last day at college as well as it being Father's Day.


  1. How amazing to have reached this point - must be so sad leaving college and the home your baby was born in, we will be in the same position in 2 years time! Looking forward to hearing about the next exciting stage of your lives & ministry x

  2. Love this darling family. Big hugs to you all.
    p.s. hilarious photo of Ivy at the top of this post. She looks like she's on the verge between laughing and crying at that crazy chicken. To be fair, chickens can be a bit scary even I'm a bit wary esp. as I don't seem to be having a good record with animals biting me at the moment :/