20 Months

At twenty months Ivy is fast growing into a busy and sociable little girl. She loves to be around people and will happily go and chat and laugh with anyone. She can say lots of words although I think we are the only ones who can understand many of them! She loves talking to people on the phone or Skype and is very expressive! She will now say ‘pardi!’(pardon) if she burps, ‘ta’ (thank you) and ‘sawri’ (sorry) at the right time without prompting which is very cute. We are working on please!

Her hair is still very red and people mention it all the time; people often stop us in the street to comment on it!

She loves helping me out with tasks around the house, especially ‘cleaning’ things with a cloth. It’s even better if she has her water cup to empty over every available surface but this isn’t encouraged!
She also loves going for walks but will quickly get distracted and decide she wants to run the opposite way! Splashing in puddles is a favourite pastime. 

Reading is her favourite hobby and she will sit quietly reading books for long periods of time. She can do many animal noises, and say some of their names. All birds are ‘ducks’!
She is obsessed with dolls and cuddly toys and is very caring, carrying them around, giving them hugs and kisses and pushing them in her pram. 

Ivy eats pretty well, especially now she has worked out how to feed herself with a spoon or a fork. She can normally be persuaded to finish most meals, but somehow always has room for snacks. 

Sleeping has been consistently good recently, although she’ll occasionally have a bad night due to illness or teething. She normally sleeps 7pm – 7.30am but if she is not disturbed in the morning she can sometimes sleep until 10am (amazing!). 

Although Ivy can have her tantrums – she’s definitely showing her opinions more nowadays! – she is generally so easy going and is an absolute joy to be around. It’s wonderful to see the happiness she brings so other people through her friendliness, easy laughter and kisses and we are so proud to be her parents. 


  1. She is a lovely little lady. you're both doing a great job :-) xx

  2. She is so sweet! What a blessing!