14 - 18/52

14/52 You enjoyed spending time with your Great Nanny in Devon this weekend, as well as catching up with some of your cousins.

15/52 Daddy had to work this week so you had a week in Devon with Mummy. You were teething and a new bed meant that you didn’t sleep well at all! One night you didn’t go to sleep until 3am! You still enjoyed some days out with your cousins and especially liked seeing the donkeys in Sidmouth. In this photo you’re pointing at the donkeys and saying ‘SOFT!’

16/52 This week we surprised your Auntie Jenny with a baby shower.  You also enjoyed visiting lots of other family; your Great Granny and Great Auntie, your Auntie, Uncle and cousins in Wiltshire and spending Easter in Cumbria.

17/52 This week was quiet as none of your groups were on because of the Easter holidays, Daddy had to work at college and Mummy was ill with a chest infection. We pottered around and felt a bit bored!

18/52 We have been getting back into routine now all your groups are back on. You have enjoyed several play dates and especially like playing out in the garden with your ball now the weather is warmer. You helped Daddy with gardening at the weekend and got very muddy! 


  1. She is such a delight. She is also growing so much! And I think her hair is even more beautiful and red. I cannot wait to see you all very soon. Big hugs xxx

  2. Love your pictures. Absolutely captivating. So lovely to see all your special moments.