The Zoo

Blog posts have been few and far between recently because life has been hectic. Then last weekend we all got a stomach bug which has left us feeling awful. Having your whole family sick when you have small children must be some sort of horrible initiation test for parents – you just want to curl up and rest but you still have to look after your little one, change explosive nappies, clear up sick, do a thousand loads of washing and try and get them to eat! Uggghh…not a good few days, but it could be worse!

On a happier note it was Josh’s birthday last week and we visited the zoo! It was the first time we had been somewhere like that since Ivy has been walking and more able to play and it was so fun watching her interact with the animals and exhibits.

It was a school day so it was relatively quiet and we enjoyed playing on the slides and other play equipment. There were also lots of interactive and hands on animal exhibits although I think we enjoyed them more than Ivy!

We had to leave early so Josh could get back for work commitments in the evening but it was a fabulous, and much needed family day out!


  1. Awww! She's such a cute squidge. She's growing up so fast. Next time I'll see her, she'll be nattering and all grown up... sigh. They grow up really fast.

    Love you all lots. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. See you hopefully in the summer all being well. xxx

  2. We just went to the zoo yesterday! So fun!