DIY Gift Bags

I am running a retreat at the weekend and wanted to put together some welcome packs for all the ladies who are coming containing some treats and information for their time away. To hold it all together I learnt how to make gift bags and I love them so much I thought I’d share them on the blog in case you would like to make them too.  They would be especially good for wrapping lots of little gifts without getting a very odd shaped parcel!

1/ To make a 12”x7” bag I cut a 20”x15” rectangle in a sheet of good quality wrapping paper. If you want a smaller or larger bag then need to adjust the amount of paper you use accordingly.  

2/ Hold the paper horizontally and fold in each side so they meet in the middle. Tape together covering the whole seam. 

3/ To make the bottom of your bag fold up the bottom edge of your paper. The amount you fold depends on how wide you want the bottom of your bag to be. I folded mine about 2 ½ inches.
Open the part you just folded and fold the corner in on itself along the folded line. Do this on both sides.

4/ To secure the bottom of your bag fold the two flaps in half until they meet in the middle and tape.

5/ To create the side of the bag turn your bag on its side and fold the small square at the bottom of the bag in half so that the corners meet (as picture directs). The fold should go all the way up your bag. Do this on both sides of your bag and try to make sure the folds are a crisp as possible as it will help your bag hold its shape. 

6/ Now you can open up your bag and push it into shape by pushing out the bottom of the bag from the inside and making sure the side creases are folding inwards. If you want to provide extra strength for your bag (if it’s going to be holding heavy contents) cut out a piece of card the same size as the base of your bag and place it in the bottom of your bag. 

7/ I decorated and secured my bags by folding over the top, punching some holes in the flaps and threading through string and tying it up with a coloured label. 


  1. Wish I would have found these for my daughter's bday! oh well, totally saving them for next time :)

  2. Get OUT!! That is awesome. I love how CHEAP that is and how it looks just like a real gift bag. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. These are great! Will have to have a go at making some :)

  4. Wow! That is so easy! I'm pinning this on my birthday party board: http://www.pinterest.com/alifeinbalance_/birthday-party-ideas/

  5. Oh wow, this is so useful! Pinning this for later. :-)

  6. What a great tutorial Rachel. I've wanted to make these for ages. I'm pinning this. Thanks for sharing at Thriving on Thursdays. I'm featuring this at tomorrow's party.

    Anne xx

  7. visiting you from being featured in Domessblissity. Love the bags