At sixteen months Ivy is very cute. She understands us, interacts with us more each day and her words are gradually getting clearer. However, she changes so quickly that often she’ll only do a particular thing for a few weeks and then she’s moved onto something else so I wanted to record some of it so we don’t forget it all. 

** She says HIIYYYA and BYE very clearly now, and at the appropriate times. She loves waving at people and saying bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…over and over when they are leaving. Whenever we leave the house in her buggy she’ll wave (to no-one) and say bye!

** She says ‘I love you’ by patting her chest. She blows kisses and will give kisses with pursed lips and eyes wide.

** She says amen (sounds like AHH!) at the end of grace and sometimes puts her hands up in the air (which means ‘praise the Lord!’). Just recently she’s started squinting her eyes (wanting to close them while still being able to see!) and saying amen as soon as you say shall we say grace? or even if I ask if she wants to go and have food. 

** She can point at her nose, mouth, ears, eyes and foot.

** She loves to do animals noises and will do them when she sees an animal or a picture. Her favourites are a dog and duck. She’s just started saying DAHCKKK whenever she sees a duck!

** She says oooooh or uh oh! when something is dropped and pulls a hilarious face with her hand over her mouth.

** She’s just started singing along to some songs (her favourite is Old MacDonald) and can do the actions to Someone is Knocking at the Door and If You’re Happy and You Know It. She likes nodding her head and stamping her feet. It is very cute when she dances and sings quietly along to songs on the radio or at church unprompted. She loves music!

** She is obsessed with babies and likes to stoke their hair. Whenever she sees another child she stops what she is doing and says OOOH and runs over to say hello. 

**She will grab a book and come and crawl up on my lap (whatever I’m doing at the time) and insist that I read to her. 

She is a delight to us and keeps us entertained every day. I look forward to seeing how she changes in the next few months!


  1. Nawwwwww! She is so precious. i love you Ivy (and rachel and josh :p) big hugs to you all!! Xxx