Simple 2014

My resolutions for 2014 are Simple. 


I have found that choosing a general aim for the year works better for me than choosing particular goals. I am too quickly discouraged if I have specific things which I have to achieve but seem to be motivated when I face the year with a new attitude and mind-set! {In 2010 I resolved to ‘make more effort’ and this new mentality genuinely changed our lives for the better; you can read about it here.}

Last July I discussed my feelings on simple living following our yurting adventure. In 2014 I want to build on those thoughts and make it a natural and normal part of our lives. We will not be changing a lot; we have been considering these things for several years now and have already made lots of changes but instead have a ‘simple’ mind-set which will encourage us to embrace:

Simple life: be practical, work hard, get chores done, get outdoors, be active, have less so we have more time for people

Simple faith: learn God’s promises and hold onto them, let go of things that prevent us from following his word wholeheartedly

Simple food: plan and cook healthy wholesome meals, buy organic when we can, be aware of where our food comes from

Simple home: de-clutter, keep it clean, use it well, offer hospitality

Simple products: buy eco-friendly and fairtrade products when we can, buy clothes second hand and from charity shops, consider DIY options first before buying

Simple money: spend less, save and give more

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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