Rosy Cheeks and Muddy Knees

Before we had a baby I had a pretty romantic view of what parenting would be like. It’s not that I was completely naïve I just focussed on all the good things we would be able to do as a family and pushed the mundane and difficult bits to the back of my mind. I guess most people do it or who would ever have children?!

Anyway, when I imagined parenthood I would think of all the things we would be able to do with our children, especially sharing our passions – nature, the outdoors, cooking, crafts, books and more.

Ivy is coming up for sixteen months old and I just love her at this age. 

I have enjoyed every stage so far but she’s just so fun at the moment. She is quickly developing the skills which allow us to do more activities together and to see that she is truly interacting. She has become much more independent since learning to walk and is more obviously playing now. She is hilarious and cute and makes me laugh dozens of times a day. 

We went out for a walk at a local nature reserve this week and it was the first time Ivy had really walked on her own outside for a long period of time. As I watched her poking at sticks and running ahead of us along the path with hair blowing and trousers all muddy I thought to myself ‘this is parenting’. These are the precious family moments that make all the other mundane moments worth it.

I will treasure every one.

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  1. This is adorable :) What a lovely family you are xx

  2. She's looking more and more like both of you. So so so wish we lived nearer. Please don't go to the end of the world!! come up north! x

  3. Ivy is irresistibly cute, and your pictures are great!
    Thanks for sharing your parenting experience :)

  4. Lovely sentiments and photos of your gorgeous daughter! What a picturesque place for a family walk and for Ivy to explore and have fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous and so is your lovely Daughter! x

  6. Amazing photos of a lovely pretty girl and the environment looks stunning. Glad to have found your blog.

  7. I love this. Ivy is just gorgeous! I love the pictures!