Fifty Two in 2013

I am so proud that I managed to continue with this weekly photo project for a whole year. Some weeks I have had a hard job to choose which photo to use, while other weeks I've had to take a last minute snap when I have forgotten to take any others.

I have improved my photography and editing skills hugely, especially through the more posed portraits and by researching ideas from other photography blogs. 

Weeks pass so quickly that it is easy for life to pass by in a blur and too soon be forgotten. These pictures and words capture so many memories which will be a precious record in years to come.

I will certainly be continuing the project in 2014.

View all the portraits from 2013 HERE


  1. I've loved your photographs!

    Feeling inspired and I'm starting a new hop tomorrow if you fancy it - Family Photo Friday - would be lovely to see you there.

    Here's to another year of photo-taking-memory-making. x

  2. Good job! Maybe I'll try 52 portraits of my kids this year. :)

  3. You did so good! I totally dropped the ball around week 46 or so...