2013 in Review

2013 was a mixed year for us. Although the months were sprinkled with joy, chronic tooth pain, sleepless nights, not being settled in a church and difficult circumstances with Josh's work meant that the first part of 2013 left us feeling drained physically and spiritually.

In contrast the second part of year have been our best time in Cardiff so far. We have met new Christian friends and settled in a church. We have both been really busy with our various activities and I've enjoyed meeting new people at baby groups and being more involved at Josh's college. Although we still don't like living in a city at least we have felt more fulfilled and settled.

We look forward to 2014 with the expectation and excitement of new starts, lots of change and the beginning of our new ministry together.

Here's a bit of what we got up to last year:

We had lots of snow days and got snowed into a cottage in the Welsh mountains. We started taking weekly photos of Ivy, she rolled over for the first time and I worried about supplementing her with formula.

We were very busy and had lots of guests. Ivy started playing with toys and I loved being at home with her.

Ivy started sleeping in her cot and started giggling for the first time, had her first taste of baby rice. I de-cluttered the house, made my Home Management Folder, celebrated my first Mother’s Day, made a 2013 Bucket List, and struggled a bit with the realities of parenthood.

We celebrated Easter in the (snowy) Lake District with Josh’s family and with friends in Stratford. We played in the garden in the spring sunshine. Later in the month we visited Devon and after a stressful few weeks I went on a retreat and saw Einaudi in concert.

Ivy sat up for the first time by herself, and finally had enough weight gain that we could stop worrying about supplementing with formula. We had a fantastic long weekend in Aberystwyth which inspired me to blog about our struggles living in Cardiff. I bought a smart phone!

Josh finished his exams and we enjoyed some blissful summer days including visiting Josh’s Gran and Auntie in Wiltshire and going to Chepstow Castle. We also went to on Ivy’s first trip to the zoo courtesy of Vistaprint. Josh celebrated his first father’s day.
Most excitingly we stayed in a yurt for a few nights and had a wonderful time {highlight of the year!}.

I went on a fun hen-do to Oxford and we had an awesome (but scorching!) weekend with friends in Stratford and celebrated Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win with champagne by the pool. We had a family photo shoot near Birmingham, visited Josh’s family in the Lake District and watched one of my best friends get married in Formby. Ivy started to crawl and wanted to be involved in everything!

We visited Devon and had fun with family, and we had a fabulous date-day on Dartmoor for my 27th birthday. Ivy got her first tooth, hit lots of milestones and enjoyed visiting lots of our friends.

We had a free holiday in an eco-home in Pembrokeshire and celebrated Josh’s Gran’s birthday in Wiltshire. We celebrated Ivy’s 1st birthday, had a party and reminisced about the last year.

We found out where we are going to be living next June for Josh’s curacy. Josh went back to college and life suddenly got busy again. I started going to lots of baby groups and met some new friends.

Ivy kept me very busy so I didn’t have much time for blogging, but we had lots of fun. We spent a few days in the Lake District with Josh’s family. Josh had dental surgery which removed some teeth which had been causing him pain for a couple of years – such an amazing relief to have them gone!

Ivy started walking and we were insanely busy with college life, baby groups, church and design work. Josh broke his foot playing football, I bought a new camera, we visited our new house in Pembrokeshire, had lots of visitors and travelled to Devon for Christmas.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous year all round... Aren't blogs fab for keeping track of the little things we would otherwise forget?? Thanks so much for linking up with #SavouringtheSeason

  2. You've had a very busy year!! Hope 2014 is peaceful and you get stuck in your placement... Praying it will be massively blessed and that you will all grow :)

  3. Lovely round-up. What a great idea to link to older posts - I enjoyed some of these too not really having visited your blog before (came your way via Savouring the Season). Your little girl is adorable. Helen