48, 49 & 50/52

49/52 This week has been tough as you’ve been very upset by teething and you haven’t been sleeping well. You took your first proper steps on Tuesday 26th November although you’re still not very confident. You need a hair cut!

49/52 You love to sort things into piles – especially clothes. This makes putting the laundry away a challenge but it keeps you entertained. You’re so very cute at the moment as you have started saying more words and do the signs for ‘I love you’, ‘horray’ and ‘praise the Lord!’.

50/52 You got your first pair of proper shoes this week and it makes you look like a proper little girl. You also had your hair cut for the first time. 

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  1. She is so cute, I just want to give her more cuddles! Amazed by how much goes into parenting. I felt tired after one weekend! You guys do such a great job!! Praying her teeth calm down a bit and you all get proper rest. Take it easy xxx