47/52: Baking

47/52 This week you have been suffering with teething more than you ever have before which has led to lots of grumpiness and sleepless nights. On Monday we were both bored with playing with the same old toys so you had your first experience of baking. You enjoying stirring the mixture but soon discovered it was much more fun to eat it! You had to test each one before they went in the oven, and to stab it with your spoon so they ended up totally sunken and misshapen. They still tasted nice!
You have also started saying ‘hi!’ when you wave to people and took your first (so tiny it almost doesn’t count) step on Friday 22nd November. 

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  1. Yayy!!! My niece is baking and she clearly loves it! Cant wait to bake with her. Love the dips in each one - brilliant!

  2. Is she not the cutest little baker??? Oh, these pictures are just so cute. The cupcakes looked perfect :) She's getting so big.

  3. Hi Rachel,I made your Christmas Cookies the other day, they are delicious! Thanks for the recipe! I`ve also tried the muffin recipe and liked them so much that I bought the book. Please keep posting your recipes, Love your blog!

  4. Yay! What a lovely little lady she is becoming. Can't wait to see you all soon xxx