DIY Party Decorations

A few weeks ago we threw Ivy a red, white and blue themed first birthday party. 

If you have read this post you’ll remember that Josh wasn’t keen on having a party for a baby because she wouldn’t remember it but I eventually persuaded him to indulge my party planning fever…on the condition we spent as little money as possible. 

Party planning on a budget meant that all the decorations had to be free {or very cheap} so I quickly got my DIY hat on!

I accidently stumbled upon the colour theme because I was looking for some balloons that matched my red and white table cloth and managed to get some red, white and blue ones very cheaply in my local supermarket. Along with balloons I also made:

Crepe Paper Pom-Poms
I’ve seen these around on Pinterest and I was surprised at how easy they are to make as they look great. I was also shocked to see them being sold in a local shop for £2 each because I made them for about 25p.

1// You will need crepe paper, ribbon or thread and scissors. 2// Fold the paper like you would if you were making a fan. 3// Tie the thread around the middle of the folded paper. 4// Cut the ends of the folded paper into a rounded shape. 5// Holding the pom-pom unfold the tissue paper and gently pull out each sheet. Repeat on both sides until you have a pom-pom shape. Hang up and enjoy! 

Bunting Cake Topper
I wasn’t sure a candle was the best idea for Ivy’s cake so I made a simple red, white and blue bunting cake-topper instead. It was very easy to put together with some bamboo skewers, thread and washy tape. The cake was chocolate with cream-cheese frosting. Yum!

Photo-wall with washy-tape pegs
I decorated the wall behind the food table with balloons and photos of Ivy’s first year with the idea that our guests could take any of the photos they wanted to at the end of the party. I used twine that I already had and covered wooden pegs with washy-tape to make it look extra pretty.

I was really happy with how the party turned out and I had so much fun being crafty and putting it all together…and the best bit was that it was practically free so no complaints from Josh!

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  1. Fab stuff! :) I know who to call on for ideas now... Maybe that could be a future career option? :P

  2. Homemade decorations are always best Rachel. Thanks so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays.

    Anne xx