I have always loved being crafty and creative. Ever since I can remember I have been encouraged to draw, paint and make things – and I love it

Due to lack of space I haven’t been as crafty as I would like recently because my art things are stored at the back of a cupboard so instead I’ve been focussing my creativity into digital design work.

I started making posters and flyers for my job four years ago and realised I loved it and people liked my designs. I know I am very much an amateur but it really does bring me joy. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do a proper a graphic design course but the timings haven’t worked out so far!

A few weeks ago we bought a photo printer and I have rediscovered my love for making cards. Why buy expensive mass produced prints when I can make my own personalised cards instead for a fraction of the price?!

If you’re interested in buying some of my cards or photo prints, or having me design posters, wedding invitations or birth announcements contact me. If it’s for a church I’m willing to do it for free.


  1. Niiccee :) you definitely have talent and I hope you get to do lots of it! xxx

  2. Hi Rachel, it's Suzanne again! I am thinking of re-designing my blog but I just don't have the time for all the faffing around. Did you get someone to design this one? I see you're on blogger. Hope you don't mind me asking x