12 Months {39/52}

{39/52 - a portrait a week}

At twelve months Ivy:

- eats a lot and has two milk feeds a day but isn’t very interested in drinking water.  She’s just started sleeping through the night again after a long stretch of waking up (at least) a couple of times and now sometimes sleeps until 7.30am or 8am. Long may this continue!
She also has two day-time naps.

- crawls everywhere quickly, pulls herself up on everything and can walk with support or with her walker. Given enough space she can get up quite a speed!

- has two bottom teeth and two more just poking out on the top.

- LOVES music and will start dancing as soon as she hears a tune. She also loves to play with shakers or other musical instruments.

Her other favourite toys are her kitchen (which plays lots of music!) and building blocks. She also loves books and is good at pointing to the different characters. 

- talks and babbles a lot, although most of it is unintelligible!

-  is very happy and giggly and doesn’t cry much. She’s very sociable and loves to show off in front of a crowd!

Happy 12 months Ivy!


  1. Beautiful post :) It's amazing to see how much she's changed xx

  2. She is gorgeous! Loving the picture on the bottom right in the little collage above. Such an impish grin! God bless her and her delightful mama and papa! xxx