Why I don't use deodorant

Six years ago I read a book that changed my outlook on life. 

A Life Stripped Bare is the story of Leo Hickman and his (very normal) family as they endeavoured to make everything in their life – from their holidays to their cleaning products – more eco-friendly. It sparked my interest into green and simple living and I went on to read a lot more around the subject.
I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t ignore the idea of green living, and that being eco-friendly shouldn’t just be left to the earth-loving-hippy types. 

Everything that we buy, eat, wear, use and throw away has an impact – on the environment, on our bodies and, most importantly on other people. Many people around the world are being exploited because of products we buy and use and as a Christian who is called to love others I can’t just stand by and ignore that. 

We gradually began to change some of the things we bought. Although we are no way a totally eco-friendly household yet with everything from our food to our washing powder to our toothpaste we try to consider what ecological effect it has and choose organic, natural options whenever possible.

One of the first changes we made was to ditch our deodorants. 

Weird and socially unacceptable? Well, hear me out…

Did you know that our bodies absorb 60% of what we rub on our skin and 80% of what we put in our mouth (like toothpaste)? If you’ve looked on the ingredients list on some of your toiletries lately then that might worry you – I know it did me. There are some weird looking chemicals in these things!

Antiperspirants were a particular concern because the chemicals used in many have been linked with breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and hormonal imbalances (some of the chemicals even turned up in breast milk) and aerosols have been linked to lung damage and skin irritation.
Many of these tests haven’t been 100% proven but for me if there was a natural alternative out there why should I take the risk? 

I started off using a mineral deodorant stone which works by suppressing the bacteria that cause body odour. You simply wet it and rub it on but I kept dropping it in the sink and smashing it so I changed to a roll on version of the same thing (Urtekram Crystal Deodorant)  which is perfumed naturally with rose water.
I really love it. It’s completely natural and because it suppresses the bacteria that cause smell it doesn’t leave a stale deodorant smell or white marks on clothes which I used to find when I used conventional antiperspirants. 

Anyway…why am I talking about sweat? It’s a bit weird right? Well…I basically just wanted to get you thinking and make the point that just because all of society tells us that we need to buy a certain product (i.e deodorant that will stop you sweating all day) to be socially acceptable doesn’t mean it’s actually true. 

I haven’t used conventional deodorant for six years. I am not a crazy hippy lady and I don’t smell – I’m just choosing to live a simple and natural life and you can too! Think for yourself, be aware of what you’re putting on your body and remember that everything we buy has an impact on the environment and others.

What are your views on eco-friendly living, natural and organic products? Do you use any in your home? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hoorah, someone else talking about these things :)
    I use an organic deodorant (not antiperspirant), but haven't yet got around to trying the deodorant stone, but it's good to hear that they're good, might try one when this container runs out!
    Is it a step too far for people's sensibilities to talk about the fact that washable sanitary products are rather good too??

  2. Yay! I don't use deodorant/antiperspirant either. I wash my armpits about twice a day, dab rubbing alcohol on them in between, and use my homemade all-natural perfume. (Rubbing alcohol with a bit of essential oils. Shake, spray.) No one seems to complain, and my family would definitely tell me if I smelled bad!

  3. I use a deodorant stone as well! I love it! Even with regular deodorants and antiperspirants I sweat and smell so it's not like they work for me ha. BUT... with the stone I still sweat but I never smell. I love it! And the savings by using the stone is huge! I bought one a looong time ago and it's sill going. :) Although I need to buy a new one soon.

  4. That sounds really cool! Where did you get the stone thing from? What do you use for showering too? I use quite eco friendly make up and cleanser/toner so would be good to use more eco friendly stuff toiletries too... xxx

  5. Great post! My Mom was "crunchy" before crunchy was cool, so I've been familiar with this way of living for a long time. I buy a natural no aluminum deo (not antiperspirant) because I have never had much success with the stones. Recently my Mom started making her own, with coconut oil, arrowroot, baking soda and essential oils. It works fabulous! I think sweating is good for you. Thinking of all the people who work so hard to NOT sweat, how else is the body supposed to rid itself of toxins?!

    Several years ago I decided to stop using perfumes, and synthetic fabric softeners. Might smell good, but the chemicals are so bad. My husband complains about the lack of fabric softener, but I recently found some detergent that leaves a nice smell with natural fragrance and not artificial. I do a lot of cleaning with essential oils and vinegar.

    We also use fluoride free toothpaste, and I've recently tried out Redmonds natural toothpaste made with clay. It's safe to eat, which is beneficial with toddler and preschooler. Obviously, we teach them to spit out their toothpaste, but it doesn't always happen.

    Baby steps! We're not hardcore one way or the other, but I try to keep some of the bad stuff out. I'd really like to make the leap to get rid of our microwave, but I haven't been able to convince my man yet. ;)