Henry VIII Treasure Hunt {with printable clues}

Last week all my siblings gathered at our parent’s house which meant that all of their six grandchildren were in the house together. One of the days I created a treasure hunt for my nieces and nephew as I always loved them as a child. 

Having recently been on a trip to Anne Boleyn’s birth place my nieces are King Henry the Eighth mad so I decided to base the treasure hunt around the children rescuing some treasure for Henry the Eighth with some help from his wives who had hidden clues around the house. 

It started out with a surprise letter being delivered to the children from King Henry which included a treasure map with the location of the first clue out in the garden. 

This clue (from Catherine of Aragon) led back inside the house where the children had to pop balloons to find the next clue from Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn told the children that Jane Seymour had hidden the next clue in a very cold place in the garden – they had to find and break open an ice block to get at it!

Jane Seymour lead to the conservatory where Anne of Cleaves (my mum!) was waiting for the children. She told them that they could have the next clue if they helped her with a maths problem.  She gave them the equation 56 ?? = 280 and they had to try and work out from a selection of potential answers what could be added to the equation to give the correct answer (56 x 5 =280).

She then told them that Catherine Howard had hidden sweets in the sitting room which spelt out the  letters to the room in which the next clue was hidden – the kitchen.

Finally, Catherine Parr’s clue - found in the kitchen - told the children that Sir Grumpy the naughty Knight was guarding the hidden treasure in the garden and the only way to defeat him was to attack him with WATER BALLOONS!  (yes! So much fun!).

I think I had just as much fun creating it as the children did completing it. So exciting!

If you would like to use this treasure hunt (or adapt it) for your own children you can download the letter and clues for free HERE

The hunt goes as follows:

1. Deliver letter from King Henry (draw your own map on the back of the letter for location of first clue)
2. First clue (Catherine of Aragon) hidden in the location drawn on your map.
3. Second clue (Anne Boleyn) rolled up and hidden in a balloon amongst about 20 other balloons to burst and find.
4. Third clue (Jane Seymour) hidden in a block of ice in the garden. I put the clue in a sealed plastic box and then put it inside a freezer bag filled with water and frozen for 12 hours +.
5. Fourth clue – ‘real life’ Anne of Cleaves in the conservatory to explain that she needs help with her maths. You can download my maths problem HERE or create your own by simply writing on pieces of paper. She then gives them the next clue.
6. Sweets are hidden in the sitting area each with a sticker on to make up an anagram of the next room in which the clue is hidden. (note: no separate written clue was used for this stage). You could just use pieces of paper if you didn't want to have sweets.
7. Sixth clue (Catherine Parr) hidden in the kitchen (or room of your choice – spelt out on the sweets) which leads to…
8. Sir Grumpy the Naughty Knight waiting out in the garden with a basket of water balloons ready to attack!
9. Children collect the ‘treasure’ when all the water balloons have been thrown.

You will need:

-Printed clues
- Balloons
- Water balloons
- plastic box/ ziplock bag (for the ice clue)
- sweets for clue 6 (optional)
- Treasure!

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  1. Aww!!! That is amazing! You are a dream! Wish I was a kid again. Quite jealous xx