Gifts of Love

Yesterday I helped one of my best friends to unpack her wedding present delivery in her new home. I’m not going to lie – I was living vicariously through her a little bit. Setting up home with lots of new pretty things is so much fun!

Our own wedding has been on my mind a lot recently because we just celebrated our 6th anniversary, so today I thought I’d write a little bit about our gifts. 

My love language is gift giving. Whether it’s the giving or receiving of gifts they just bring me joy! I always think it’s the worst love language to have because it sounds so selfish – give me stuff and I’ll be happy – but it’s not about materialism at all. When I give or receive a gift or gesture it’s the thought and LOVE behind that gift that makes me happy, not actually the item. 

Looking around my home the vast majority of our possessions are gifts or hand-me-downs. Since both of us have either been students or in low salary/volunteer jobs since we were married they have been vital in helping us set up home. Our wedding list wasn’t just lots of pretty things, it was full of useful items that have helped us enormously in the last 6 years and has allowed us to have a beautiful home even though we couldn’t afford it.

I guess the point of this post is to say thank you.

Thank you if you have ever given us a gift or done something nice for us. I want you to know that we appreciate it and I remember

I think it’s great that our house is made up of gifts because for me that means our home is made up of LOVE.

When I use even the most mundane of household equipment I remember the people who allowed us to have that privilege. When I bake a cake or grate some cheese or wash my hands I remember the people that provided items that are not only practical but are beautiful and bring me a lot of joy too. 

Thank you for your generosity and thank you for caring for us. I often pray for you as I see an item and remember you by name. 

Thank you. 

You can discover your love language HERE
What was the last gift you gave or received?
If you came to our wedding can you remember what you gave us?

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