35/52 This week I have been astounded by your rate of development. You seem to be learning something new every day so I’ve been trying to remember it all! 

Your main milestone has been eating with a spoon. I’ve been putting off letting you self feed because I was afraid of the mess but then I got paranoid that we were leaving it too late so we let you have a go yesterday. After  guiding your hand a couple of times you just DID IT with minimal mess and no food throwing. I was so amazed and proud!

You also started giving proper kisses when we ask for it. It’s so cute! (if a bit slobbery).

You stood up unaided for the first time this week (for about 15 seconds).

You really seem to be understanding us when we say things now and will respond appropriately, you pick things up really quickly if we show you how to do it and your sense of humour is showing through.

I absolutely loved this week. You are so much fun!

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  1. Awe, that's awesome she's able to use a spoon! Such a big step :)

  2. What a big week! I'm dreading the self feeding stage myself as I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the messes....gulp! :)