1. In celebration of my birthday (which was yesterday) here are twenty-seven random thoughts:

2. My mum babysat Ivy for the whole day yesterday so we had our first baby-free daytime date since last September!

3. We went to Chagford which is a little village near to where I grew up on Dartmoor. It’s filled with interesting little shops which we perused and then went for a walk around the Devon lanes. 

4. We love walking around the countryside admiring the houses and gardens (AKA being nosey and planning our perfect house).

5. It made me really, really homesick for Dartmoor. I’m considering planning a last minute trip to stay there before Josh starts back at college as my craving is so bad!

6. For lunch we went to Bearslake Inn in Sourford.

7. I had rack of Lamb and a yummy ice-cream dessert.

8. We then went for another walk around black-a-tor copse. The day passed way too quickly though and soon we had to head back to my parent’s house.
9. I can’t believe how quickly the last year has gone. Ivy is 11 months old today!

10. This time last year I was in full-on nesting mode. Everything was sparkly and clean!

11. Thinking about it, it’s probably time I cleaned my front door again!

12. I think time seems to go quicker when you see your child growing up in front of you.

13. I got some lovely presents yesterday.

14. My parents got me a graphics tablet which I’ve been wanting for ages. I’m looking forward to using it for some of my up-coming design work.

15. Josh got me some beautiful pottery which I love, love, love!

16. I’ve started collecting pottery and interesting plates and mugs so I’m always on the lookout at yard sales and in thrift shops.

17. He got a jug and a salt pig! So excited to use these in my kitchen!

18. They are by a Devonshire potter called Keith Smith.

19. Whilst in Chagford I spent my birthday money on a cute butter dish (I’ve been looking for one for ages) and some fancy salt for my salt pig!

20. I also got a DVD of The Impossible. I’ve been told it’s amazing but that I’ll cry A LOT. Have you seen it?

21. My twenty-seventh year has been the craziest year we’ve had for a while.

22. It has felt wonderful and stressful in equal measure. I guess it’s because it takes me ages to process change and you can’t get much more of an upheaval than having a baby!

23. In the past it’s seemed to me that parents of one year olds are seasoned in the art of bringing up children…well, for us it’s all an illusion! I still don’t feel like we have a clue what we’re doing and I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years and still feel tired!

24. I think my favourite parts of the last year have been newborn snuggles with Ivy and our trip to the yurts.

25. Looking forward into my twenty-eighth year is both exciting and daunting.

26. This time next year we will have moved to a different house in a different area and Josh will have been ordained and will be working in a church somewhere. Ivy will be walking, maybe talking and will have grown lots. So much change!

27. In conclusion, I think this present from my brother’s family sums up things nicely!


  1. Aww! That looks like a perfect birthday - congratulations :) I bet the last year has felt like a whirl wind. I totally think everyone feels the same when they have kids. Have a blessed rest of your week xx

  2. I turned 27 this year, I can't believe how close that is to 30. Your birthday date day sounded so fun.
    You will boohoo your eyes out over The Impossible. My husband and I watched it a few months ago, and even he found it very emotional. It's very intense in some scenes (I have a hard time with that, in general, so I look away) but as a mother, it will absolutely move you. I ended up researching the actual family after the movie, and their story is amazing. Just utterly amazing.