We are now half way through the 52 project (how is this year going so fast?!) so I have chosen my favourite three portraits from the last six months.

9/52 - my blue eyed girl
18/52 - sitting up for the first time
25/52 - country child
I have chosen these three photos because they represent what I have loved about this project; improving my photography skills, catching key milestones on camera and recording awesome family times to remember forever.

I can’t wait for the next 26 weeks!

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  1. They're so, so beautiful. I'm loving taking photos of my little boy too, though we just have a normal camera. You're very talented and you'll never regret the beauty you've captured! She's gorgeous :)

  2. Love all of them ... ADORE the top one :0)

  3. That first photo is just stunning! Your reasons for why you love this project are spot on as I feel the same way too! :)

  4. Those eyes! Your photography is lovely, and what a beautiful babe as well.